Customer Service

At Barbie's BnB we aim to provide quality service, create a lasting memory and unique experience for our guests. As a result we cherish the following goals:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Competitive prices
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Hygiene standards
  • Respect your Privacy

Complaints Procedure

Check out our procedure in the booklet provided in your room or send an e-mail to We promise to do all to respond to inquiries and queries within the shortest possible time. We value our customers, thus we guarantee anonymity and respect your confidentiality. If you are still unhapy with us, kindly send your queries to Botswana Consumer Protection Unit Tel: 00267 3952571. However, we do trust that all queries will be settled amicably internally.

Accommodation Terms

Help us to make your stay enjoyable by observing the following conditions:

  1. Take precautions on your own safety, security and property
  2. Ensure the premises are left in their initial/original condition; this includes but not limited to: maintaining cleanliness of the facility.
  3. Ensure orderliness and compliance to the lodge and national regulations.
  4. Take responsibility for any necessary permits for your events.
  5. Take all necessary precautions and guard against  damages, littering, vandalism, violence, fire, crime, harassment, noise, amongst others.
  6. Take responsibility over any damages you caused to the premises
  7. Organise events through BBB. Check rules on parties
  8. Do not allow any unauthorized guests in the rooms except those allocated.
  9. Observe the non smoking rules in the room and only use the designated areas outside.
  10. By using the poot you accept that you are resposible for your on safety and you do it at your own risk.
  11. Any accident or risk shall be reported immediately to the Resident Manager, Security or any BBB staff. 
  12. Payments: 50% to be paid 1 week before the intended occupation date and the balance to be cleared before occupation.
  13. Cancellation must be done latest at 6pm 3 days before the first booked night. 15% fee will be charged for cancellation done later but before 6pm 2 days before occupation. 100% accommodation fee will be charged if cancellation is done 1 day before or same day. Failure to cancel a booking will be treated as same day canellation and results in forfeiture of the deposit paid.

BBB has the right to terminate the accommodation offer in the best interrest of the lodge and its guests. BBB reserves the right to take necessary actions in the event of any misrepresentation of the above terms or in protection of its reputation.


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